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One of the things that always enthralls me about indie games is how timeless they are. Without the same kind of competitive market as the big title console games, the need to keep up with the next big idea or have the latest graphical support simply isn't there. Instead of struggling to make a blockbuster, the developer is making something they love.

They are also beautifully accessible. While most consoles require you to shell out hundreds of dollars for the system alone, anyone can find an indie game that suits them, whether it's free altogether or inexpensive. Rarely does an indie game cost more than $15, and they can be found as easily online as through any console.

Because it is an ever changing and expanding medium, there are a number of reasons to talk about indie games. Because there is, generally, little to no third party distribution, the gamer can be confident that their dollar will go toward the actual creator, not some CEO somewhere. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Finally, indie games are shaping our gaming industry in new ways every day, and might help lead to what's next in the future of gaming.

I've created this blog as an homage to those creators who make their games as a pure labour of love, and I intend to feature a good many of them here.

I take recommendations, also, so please fire away, especially if you've made a game you want me to review. I can't guarantee I'll write about it, but I promise that I will at the very least look at it and give it a play.


K8-bit has been playing indie games, without really acknowledging the fact, for years, and has just recently begun to notice her affection for them. She is the creator and main contributor for thisindiegameblog. Her favourite indie games are Journey and Flower, and her favourite console titles are the Legend of Zelda series as well as ICO.
She is also an aspiring game developer with zero experience and is looking to collaborate with someone on a few ideas she has. Give her a shout if you're interested!
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B13 is mainly a console-gamer with an admitted respect and admiration for indie games. Most of his preferred indie games are iOs/Android app titles, such as Rage of Bahamut and Please Stay Calm. His favourite console titles are typically RPGs, and he's currently looking for an indie RPG title to fully appreciate.

If you are interested in writing for thisindiegameblog, please contact K8-bit at 0solaDOTnero0ATgmailDOTcom.

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